Gun Selection Fail x 3.

cop impersonators


Miami-Dade police working an undercover detail Monday made a startling discovery: They spotted five men inside a silver 2009 Nissan Maxima, pulling on police gear and strapping on weapons.

The real plainclothes cops observed the men place red and blue lights on the car, put on police T-shirts, caps, attach badges with police insignias, and passed flex cuffs to each other, according to a police report…….

……Besides the tactical gear, police also found two semi-automatic pistols, a Lorcin .380 and an Accu-Tech .380. Also in the men’s possession: a replica air pistol
Miami-Dade police bust five men imitating cops

I wouldn’t be surprised in the arresting officers gave these idiots an extra dose of re-education  because of the guns. It is bad enough that they were impersonating them, but with a Lorcin?  That is adding insult to injury.

Plus they saved their lives. It is not uncommon to see bad guys pulling the fake cop bit so people are very wary of being pulled over by a car without markings (Which you shouldn’t. You should call 911 immediately and let them know. They should know if you are being followed by real cops) so any clown pulling a Lorcin may end up with several extra holes in his body and a couple of quarts low on blood.

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