The News Business, not the Truth Business.

The case of Robert Hansen v Michael McJunkin in Michigan popped in my Email Alerts. It was presented by the media as a Road Rage shooting hinting that the shooter was in the wrong. The DA ( a good one ) did the investigation and declared that the shooter acted in self-defense closing the case down. There was an injured woman by shrapnel.

Let me paste the description as it appeared in the local Media:

“She said the nightmare began as she and her boyfriend, Michael McJunkin, noticed a strange car tailgating on the business loop off of I-94 on March 12, 2014.
Then, at a light near Hamlin and Division, she said the people in that car pulled up beside them.
Michelle said they were, “Flipping us off…. you could tell by lip syncing that they were swearing.” She said both cars then turned different directions.
Unfortunately, as fate would have it, she said the cars met again at a different light near Calhoun and North Street.
Michelle said her boyfriend got out of the car to try to get a cell phone picture of the license plate of the other car when someone pulled a gun.
“That`s where we met up and they flashed the gun at us,” said Michelle.
She said Michael followed the car to try to get the plate number.
It pulled into Kellogg Community College and both cars stopped.
Before Michael could even get out, she claimed the man got out of the car first and started shooting.
“He`s laying on the ground on his stomach,” she said. “He`s on the ground with the passenger door open unloading on us….

…..Michelle said they had no weapon and never touched the people in the other car, yet she says Micheal is charged with assault for allegedly using his car as a weapon.

…..She feels the man who shot her should be the one facing charges.
“My boyfriend is in jail for nothing,” she said. “He`s about to lose everything. My son is traumatized over this.”

Local Woman Shot In Road Rage Incident Demands Charges

Poor innocent but misguided couple with a kid. They made the innocent mistake of getting to close to a gun nut and they were rewarded by gunfire, right? The Prosecutor disagreed in his opinion of the case. I have to post screen caps since it is a .pdf of an image; I’ll just post some parts for reference and you can read the whole thing on the previous link, 6 pages total.

Hansen-Robert-Opinion 01

The above is important to indicate the recklessness of the behavior about to occur.

Hansen-Robert-Opinion 02Here we see that there is a difference between the statement of the “victim” and the facts as obtained by the Prosecutor. Granted that raising the middle finger in salute is not the best way to make friends and influence people in a nice matter.

Hansen-Robert-Opinion 03This ceased to be a oopsie” and became a hunt in the part of McJunkin. Note the part where it says “should ended the contact” as it indicates that the original event had run out and it cannot be used any longer to justify further action on the part of McJunkin.

Hansen-Robert-Opinion 04It is a whole different game, isn’t it? It is no longer a case of a “road rage shooter” but IMHO straight self-defense against somebody that not only did not care about the family in the car he was chasing, but the family that was inside his car.

Hansen-Robert-Opinion 05And what else any reasonable person expect from such behavior?

McJunkin was initially charged with Assault with Motor Vehicle, but the prosecutor dropped the charges. The girlfriend, possibly an idiot with dependency to cavemen problems is pissed that the Hansen won’t be charged for her injuries but apparently she is OK with her idiotic boyfriend getting her and her kid in a situation where both could have been killed.

Mr. Hansen was very lucky. There was hard evidence and the report suggests that there were eyewitnesses also. And he also lucked out with  Prosecutor David Gilbert who not only understands the law but also the mechanics and what happens to somebody under extreme stress.

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  1. There’s a bit of a difference between “Tried to get a cell phone picture” and “screaming, making gang signs, and striking the car.”

    I don’t know of any cameras whatsoever which require you to physically strike the photography subject.

  2. Thank you for reviewing the opinion published by D. Gilbert and then writing your article. It is late at night and I find myself again re reading articles about it. I came accross this one for the first time and wanted to say thank you.
    Victoria Franklin

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