Will the ARES SCR become the Ruger 10/22 of the 21st Century?


This here is an interesting-looking rifle. A proprietary lower that takes standard uppers and AR magazines plus allegedly is 50-State legal.

This is the official press release.

(Melbourne, FL) April 8, 2014 ARES Defense will roll out an all new rifle platform for the American sportsman at the NRA Show in Indianapolis, April 25-27.  The innovative, patented ARES SCR™ (Sport Configurable Rifle) is the first of its class of firearms that is legal in all 50 states.

The ARES SCR™ blends strength, reliability, accuracy with the rugged all weather characteristics of America’s longest serving infantry rifle and the classic lines of an all-American sporter.  Lightweight, accurate and featuring a MIL-STD 1913 flat top upper receiver that accepts most modern optics, the ARES SCR™ is designed to perform under the most demanding field, competitive shooting or tactical conditions.  The multi-caliber, modular design permits the operator to instantly change calibers in the field by simply pressing two pins and exchanging one upper receiver assembly for another.

Designed for optimal configuration, the ARES SCR™ accepts most Modern Sporting Rifle accessories and parts including magazines, upper receivers, barrels, bolts, handguards and optics- so it can be easily and effectively reconfigured for each individual shooters’ style and activity.  Supported by a full line of performance accessories and manufactured of the highest quality aircraft grade alloys by American craftsmen, the weatherproof, dependable ARES SCR™ will provide a lifetime of accurate shooting pleasure for all Americans.  See the new, sleek, low profile ARES SCR™ at the NRA Show – Booth 7970

I could not find a price for it. But if retail is somewhere in the upper $600, we could have a runaway hit.


Caliber– Available in .223/5.56mm, 7.62x39mm

Magazine Capacity– Comes with 5rd. (Can accept any AR15/M16 Magazine).

Weight– 5.7 Lbs.

OAL– Carbine: 37”  –   Rifle: 39”

Barrel Length– Carbine: 16.25” –  Rifle: 18” 1/9 Twist

Handguard – Magpul® MOE® handguard available in both Carbine and Rifle Lengths

Finish: MIL-Spec Black Hardcoat anodized finish

If it turns to be a reliable weapon, I will go ahead and commit heresy by saying it will be the perfect Scout Carbine… did I just hear Col. Cooper cursing me from the Great beyond?


8 Replies to “Will the ARES SCR become the Ruger 10/22 of the 21st Century?”

  1. I remember the concept for this coming out several years ago. But nothing ever came of it. I think it looks really good actually. Some folks like the classic styles of stocks. Options are nice to have. Especially for those poor folks behind enemy lines.

    1. This is what I had wanted the Mini 14 to be, which I never got because I wanted to use a more common magazine. I might be interested in this.

    2. For what I have seen in the Book of Faces, even some of the M4 Die Hard fans (and even a builder) are actually taken with the gun, pending final endorsement once it is a proven design.

  2. I live in a AWB jurisdiction. I will get one as soon as I can. If I slap on a upper with a post-ban (non-threaded barrel) it will be totally legal for me to own. I should be able to put together a semi auto .223 for me for less than $1000. I am so excided!

    1. Yes but in order to do that, would it not have to turn down slightly? It doesn’t say in the article, but that would require a new and modified bolt carrier. Not just slap any upper and go as the article would lead one to believe.

      Or maybe that’s just a prototype in the photo?

  3. Must have a .308 in the line up eventually. I would be more than willing to save my pennies for that. I am also glad that some professional in the field actually is making something like that.

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