Answer: The Ignorance of Bloomberg’s Social Media Director. (Meet Mr. Kevin Call)

(Update: Click here to read a statement from regarding this issue)

Not a Joke. Actually posted in the official MAIG’s Everytown For Gun Safety Facebook page:

everytown bullet fail

And you may ask yourself, Who is the “genius” responsible for this sheer idiocy? The answer is: Kevin Call.

everytown kevin call


He is also the “Director of Social Media” for MAIG and used to work for The Raben Group, a DC Lobby organization aligned with very powerful entities such as the Joyce Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation.

I am guessing Mr. Call is the one that failed to secure the Everytown Facebook page, but he was indeed the one that went crying to the Zuckenberg tribe about the mean Gun Bullies stealing it.
everytown kevin call facebook

Everytown for Gun Safety: The joke that keeps on giving.

Hat Tip to Bearing Arms for the notification screen cap.


18 Replies to “Answer: The Ignorance of Bloomberg’s Social Media Director. (Meet Mr. Kevin Call)”

  1. No wonder i have trouble hitting a target! Part of my b ullets are staying back in the gun. Geshhhhh, dumb bullets.

    Typically,,, it helps to know what you are talking about,,, jus sayin.


  2. What rights of Bloomies “Everytown” were infringed? Their first? Honestly the hypocrisy of these clowns is astonishing. I say we stack similar complaints against the MDA, MAIG, and their new Everytown page.


  3. Oooo, apparently Facebook will pull pages just because you complain, and the person you’re complaining about has to contact you directly to get it put back up again?

    I don’t see any way this could be abused to get EVERY SINGLE ANTI-GUN PAGE ON FACEBOOK shut down. Not at all.


  4. You would think after making as huge a blunder as failing to secure a Facebook page, this guy would get fired. But then in a further display of idiocy, he pulls this stunt. It’s so bad, that even the communications director of Moms Demand Action is disavowing it, and calling it a “parody” that some “cybersquatter” put up, not realizing it was something that they produced.

    The sheer incompetence of this clown makes you wonder what kind of people Bloomberg is hiring and retaining.

    It’s amateur hour at Everytown.



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