It is a mindset thing…

the difference

Most will bitch, complain, whip out the smartphone and take a pic to share the injustice with their friends in Social Media.

And there are the few that will shake, rattle and roll the damn machine till the bags fall free and we ingest what we paid for. No drama, no need for cyber-emotional support.


6 Replies to “It is a mindset thing…”

    1. Step 1: buy the last one, see if that knocks it loose.

      Step 2: if that doesn’t work, find an item about 3 rows directly above the bunch and buy one of those. It should knock them loose.

      Step 3: ???

      Step 4: profit!

  1. The machines at one place I worked were anchored to the wall as a safety measure. Not because they were afraid the machine would topple onto someone… No, because some sensitive computer network equipment was located on the other side of the wall, and the next time someone tripped off the network, he/she was going to get killed.

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