How do they breathe without instructions?

Saw this from our friends at the National Gun Victims Action Council:
ngvac georgia 1

Fits are being thrown all over the anti-gun interwebs about this new law signed today by Gov.Nathan Deal today.  Comments on different media sites and Social Media are full with the old promises of blood on the churches and shootouts at bars, etc. But there was one that took the bakery:

ngvac georgia 2

You live in Florida (and he does, I checked his profile) and you are afraid of Georgia Gun Laws that mirror pretty much the laws where you live?

Some people are just encapsulated cupcakes wrapped in a rainbow of idiocy .

6 Replies to “How do they breathe without instructions?”

  1. C’mon Miguel – you can’t expect them to understand the world they live in. There’s OUTRAGE to manufacture and you just need to realize that’s what they’re going to do; reality be damned…

    1. One of the TX representatives, Sheila Jackson, made the same kind of remarks. TX law also is about the same as the GA law. These anti-gun people just do not let facts interfere with the control agenda.

  2. Heh…. the local libera…I mean, moderate talk radio show host in Richmond, VA was having the vapors over this law. Of course, Virginia has HAD these laws for years…….

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