Moms Demand will fearlessly face the NRA in Indianapolis…more or less

Moms Demand NRA AM

They will be protesting the NRA Annual Meeting being held at the Indiana Convention Center for an hour and a half and 1.4 miles away at the Indiana War memorial according to Google Maps:

Moms Demand NRA AM 3

So what happened? I don’t think they got denied permission to protest in front of the convention center or they would have used that to roll support and media interest.  Perhaps the irrational fear that they will be gunned down by irate NRA members? Some extreme fearful cupcakes might, but even Shannon Watson must know that NRA Annual Meetings are the most peaceful and crime-less event a city can have.

To me is optics, that newfangled use of the word which means how they will look for the News Media and the public in general via the boob tube. Let’s face it, your gaggle of Moms holding cute signs will be no match for the backdrop below with thousands of happy people walking around:
Moms Demand NRA AM 2aAnd let’s face it, the Media will happily flock to where Shannon and the rest of the Bloomberg Stable will be gathering. I do not expect them telling their viewers that the Moms Demand protest is nowhere near the actual event. That would not fit The Narrative.

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  1. That’s like what happened in St Louis. CSGV was going to march on the convention center and protest outside. 2 or 3 people showed up so they held their ‘rally’ about a half mile away. By the time I managed to walk over there to say ‘Hi’, they were gone.

  2. By God they’re standing right in the doorway of that convention center, in spirit! All 17 of em!

    (Including the news crew, two brow beaten husbands, and a couple kids who wish they were in school)


  3. I think it’s pretty telling that they are just now announcing a counter-protest to the NRA annual convention. The entire time leading up to the conference, they were quiet in their advertisement to join them in Indy for a rally of “moms” on those dates. Not even a mention of the NRA until now.

  4. The distance from the actual NRAAM (1.4 miles, a la Google Maps) is likely intentional.

    They don’t want the massive gaggle of thousands of NRA attendees caught on camera behind the 15-20 protesters, or offering a counter point to the protesters’ inane utterances.

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