Mom Shannon Watts Demands Armed Private Security. You must remain unarmed. UPDATED

Post Updated with new photos

Earlier today, I was informed by Gail Pepin, (A.K.A. The Evil Princess)  who stopped by the Moms Soiree being held well away from the Indiana Convention Center, that Main Moms Demand, Shannon Watts appeared to be escorted by what could be called “MIB-type” individuals. and promised to email the pics as soon as the day’s celebrations were over.

A fast initial confirmation came through a video posted by The Blaze in which Dana Loesch confronts Shannon Watts about her remarks that she was a paid mouthpiece for the Gun Industry in general and Magpul Enterprises in particular.

In the background, Loesch’s producer can be heard accusing Watts’ security of being “physical” and Loesch told TheBlaze they were bumping her out of the way. The full video includes Loesch saying her attempted interview was in response to a media request by Watts’ PR firm.

via Watch What Happens When Dana Loesch Confronts One of Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Partners | Video |

The following are screen caps of the MIB-Type men with Shannon Watts. Somehow I don’t think they are personal chiropractors or Life Coaches.

Moms Demand Shannon Watss Bodyguards

Moms Demand Shannon Watss Bodyguards 2


Another picture appeared via Twitter, courtesy of Tony Katz .

Moms Demand Shannon Watss Bodyguards 3


Later, the pics from Gail arrived and boy! They are interesting as heck. Click on them to enlarge.

First, this is what the paid crowd of alleged 300 Moms Demand looked like:

And then I think Elvis was spotted. I guess he is actually alive and doing Personal Protection:

And then, MIB Security Inc.

Walking perimeter


Dana Loesch twitted:

Moms Demand Bodyguard Dana Loesch

And she hits it right in the chin: They feel themselves above us. They are elites and we are the little people. They deserve to be protected with guns and we deserve whatever crumbs they deemed fit and enough even if it kills us.

But they are cowards. They run away when confronted instead of taking a stand (a favorite talking point of Moms Demand) and defending their beliefs. They hate us because we do take a stand, we prepare and we believe that Bill of Rights is a great document that enumerates the Rights that will allow us to fight against the Elites she represents.

But one word does represent the true nature of Shannon Watts: Hypocrite.

UPDATE 2: Erika Soto Lamb, director of communications for Everytown confirms that they had Armed Security at the event.  Blames us and yet fail to see the irony of people with guns being the best defense.
Moms Demand Erika Soto Lamb NRA AM confirmsHat Tip to Guns Save Lives.

31 Replies to “Mom Shannon Watts Demands Armed Private Security. You must remain unarmed. UPDATED”

  1. This seems to be a common trend. Here in Oregon we had a town hall with a gun-control state senator. After the meeting, she not only refused to take questions (like Shannon) but had an escort of FIVE armed guards (state police). Except in this instance she does at least say something once. “Get away from me”.

  2. Hey Erika… maybe MDA should get together with those wonderful folks @ Perverted Justice (.com) they are into smearing people too……….Oh thats right I was born with .5 a brain,silly me……..

  3. Miguel, have you herd anything about an MDA woman being shot to death in Chicago this week end? I saw a news crawl about it early this morning (I was almost awake, so salt may be needed on my query) and nothing more. No word on Drudge or Blaze or WND as yet.
    Color me Curious in MN

  4. that is the biggest bunch of crap. if they think they need guns that’s ok but if I think I need a gun to be safe to bad for me. well I have guns and I think I will keep my guns. ps. go f—
    your self. thank you.

    1. When the Persian King demanded the Greeks surrender their arms (from Anabasis, Xenophon):

      “Phalinus,” he said, “at this instant, as you yourself can see, we have nothing left but our arms and our valour. If we keep the former we imagine we can make use of the latter; but if we deliver up our arms we shall presently be robbed of our lives. Do not suppose then that we are going to give up to you the only good things which we possess. We prefer to keep them; and by their help we will do battle with you for the good things which are yours.”

  5. The response to Moms Demand action should we don’t threaten you. Criminals do. Making your self a sheep does not make you safer. It makes you lunch for the wolves.

  6. FYI, those two goons are the same two of three that were in Atlanta guarding the MomsDemandAction/Bloomberg No More Names protest at the GA Capitol. Some of the GCO folks were in attendance and there has been some discussion as to if they’re legally carrying.

    Our thoughts (among our rabble) were that they were probably NOT legal in Ga (No Ga Blue Card) and we weren’t sure if LEOSA covered carrying while working as private security.

    I think we shall have to discuss this more. I’d be curious to know if these guys are in violation of various state laws. I would not be surprised if they are.

    Here’s the third…

  7. We always hear that they ‘get death threats’ all the time. Why do they never publish these things or go to the police? Because they don’t happen.

  8. “…..other people on your side of the debate threaten our lives.”
    So her position on the ‘best tool for personal defense’ is a firearm? See, we all agree on much more than we think we do.

  9. Shannon Watts is a hypocrite. Must be nice to enjoy the protection of a hired gun while the rest of us are disarmed and unable to protect ourselves!

    1. Did any one ask for proof from everytown lamb that they were threatened w their lives? Who made the treats? Did they report this to the police? If the police were notified of death treats why did they not have a presents there? Got any proof at all except for your elitist mentality?

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