Another thing Gun Control Activists have in common is…

(Pics from the Moms Demand “concentration” in Indianapolis.)

Birkenstock  1

And this gentleman was driving the truck belonging to the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, subsidiary of the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence.
Birkenstock  2

And I  know I should not criticize fashion styles since the upcoming Second Amendment Youngins might be into it but pork pie hats? It is my belief that unless you are a proven Bluesman, you are unlikely to get away with wearing one. As far as I know, only one non-Blues person got managed and that was back in the 70s.

Gene Hackman as Popeye Doyle in The French Connection.

Back to the sandals: They are not the best footwear for self-defense as they are easy to get out of whack and not provide you with a stable shooting platform.


5 Replies to “Another thing Gun Control Activists have in common is…”

  1. Walter White got away with a pork pie hat, but he was, after all, a meth manufacturer. As to the two fatties on the benches, they look like paid union members with nothing better to do.

    1. I would still argue that it was Walt getting away with the hat, and not the hat accentuating Walt’s appearance. He couldn’t have pulled it off if he hadn’t ALSO blown up half of Tuco’s office with a Mercury Fulminate crystal.

      I’m sitting there thinking “Really, Walt? I know you’re not street-savvy, but of all the hats in the WORLD you could have picked, it had to be that stupid-looking thing?”

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