Moms Demand “take” Indiana. A tale of lowered expectations.

This what passes a winning with the Opposition:
MOMS DEMAND TAKE INDIANAI doubt that there are more than 200 people in that picture, maybe not even 150.  They have 30 pics in the Facebook album but it is hard to see the MIB Guards.

I really did not pay attention if this get-together got any national attention. But even with the best make up artist available, this pig could not be made pretty: It was an object failure. It was supposed to be  the first great cannonade of the New And Improved (V5.1) Gun Control/Safety crusade with the full support of His Divinity Michael Bloomberg. It was a squib, a party favor at best.

This was to be a 2 hour or so event, it attracted fewer people than a morning rush at the local Starbucks.

We won.

I am OK with that.

13 Replies to “Moms Demand “take” Indiana. A tale of lowered expectations.”

  1. We’re winning so we don’t have to track their every move and report on every breath they take. Right?

    Miguel, tear yourself away from these ladies and show us the latest and greatest NRA ad that was shown at the convention.

    You give more face time to Shannon Watts than Shannon Watts does.

    1. I went through and marked their heads in paint when I counted and recounted. With the 2 (that I could make out as such) MIBs and 10ish kids under 15 (again as I could make out as such) the Grand Total comes to 164 heads in the group pic with the fountain behind. Thats well short of the alleged 300 that had shown up and thats 0.22% of the group who paid their way to show up for the NRAAM.

      If thats being considered a win… I dont know what to say about that other then its delusional at best.

      *Speculation* maybe they were keeping a running total of all the people who came into site from their squat…

  2. If they want to be disarmed,
    that is their choice… They should not mess with my 2A constitutional right. We wouldn’t stop the fight ever.

  3. Abject failure, indeed.

    75,000 who paid their way versus a max of 200 and many had their expenses covered.

    Wow, that is pathetic. “Moms”, go home and stop being a purulent boil on America’s bottom. No one really gives a damn what you think or feel.

  4. Missed the Con this year, but the year’s I’ve made it I’ve paid my own way, often with non-trivial expense, same goes for just about every one else at the NRAAM.

    These people were likely all bussed in, and I bet a bulk of them got at least a room for a night all on Blommy’s dime.

    Apples to meatloaf comparison!

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