You can help prevent bad Glock Texturing with one dollar a day.

Also called stippling or the art of screwing up the texture of a perfectly functional Glock via soldering iron or Dremel tool.

Please, don’t let this happen to Glocks again. Only you can prevent bad texturing. Say NO! to the Dremel.

glock stipling gone stupid

PS: I am almost sure that you get the death penalty in Georgia (US) and in Austria for this kind of crap.

13 Replies to “You can help prevent bad Glock Texturing with one dollar a day.”

  1. I confess.
    I stippled a couple of my own Blocks.
    Lopped a 17’s grip down to 19 length for ease of magazine logistics, and stippled it as well.
    I won’t claim to be an artisan, however, they work for me.

    That said, those above pictures offend my eyes.
    I’d have to “un-WTF” them immediately.

    Give the owner 100 Green Stamps for it.

    Seeing that reminds me of the gorgeous woman I saw one day. Well, she looked like at one point she was gorgeous, the purple mohawk, ears gauged to about beer can level, side of head tattoos visible due to shaved head, lip rings, nose rings, cheek piercings, neck piercings, and all the other stuff…well, take it off and I’m sure she was hot. With it all…not so much.

  2. Of course, if it was 2:30 in the morning and Joe Crackhead just kicked in my door, I would still use it. I’d take a long shower later while sobbing in the fetal position, but eventually I would get the fugly Glock stink off.

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