Dear Everytown: It means that 60% were stone cold sober.

More rehashing of old gun control scare memes:


everytown guns in bars

You have to admit they are crafty in their misdirection.  They cite the DOJ study and although they don’t show you the study, let’s say it is truthful for argument’s sake.

What is the argument from Everytown? That people legally carrying guns in bars will inevitably lead to Wild West shootouts. But that is not what the study says, just that 40% of convicted homicides were drunk. Now you can be drunk in your house and murder somebody, or at church (them communion wine), at a state fair, in your front porch, boating, etc. And also it does not say that they were killed with firearms, it says homicides in general but all of the above is conveniently ignored by Everytown.

And the #1 reason they mention the DOJ study? I am guessing they could not find an event where a citizen legally carrying a concealed or open weapon in a bar, got drunk and starting to shoot out the place.  Or if they did, (I don’t recall any off-hand) it was such an off beat occurrence it would make them a bigger laughing-stock.

“Well” says Ms. Gunsense “At least it is only a minority of redneck states that allow guns and alcohol.”

guns in bars

Storm in a teacup.  And we are the ones allegedly peddling fear.

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  1. And that infographic is out-of-date. In IL, you can now carry in restaurants, but not bars. (you can’t drink at all, while carrying) I actually think WI might allow them as well, since their CCW law passed only a couple years ago.

  2. I don’t ever recall a legal CCW in a bar getting drunk and shooting someone. There have been a few DGUs at bars or in parking lots. There have also been a few homicides at bars/parking lots that were offensive.

    Now, to put things in perspective, about 40% of convicted violent offenders were drunk at the time of their offense, most committed their violent act after binge drinking. 40% of motor vehicle crash fatalities are DUI related.

    In the UK, where guns are banned, 40% of homicides were also alcohol related.

    If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say that 40% marriage proposals were carried out while intoxicated as well.

  3. Nah, it’s entirely consistent with their other beliefs. Since they’re convinced that a firearm will turn you in to a mass murdering pod person, it takes no great imagination to believe that those demonic tap handles will compel you to get hammered, whether you want to or not.

  4. Ohio has right to ccw in a bar while licensed. No drinking at all. Not to long ago an arrest was made locally for a man drinking with his gun in a Sandusky OH bar. The guy was a PA cop though

  5. NC is no longer among the Carry A. Nation few. As of October, 2013 those w/carry permits can carry in restaurants that serve. We have no “bars” only “nightclubs” (wink-wink).

  6. I remember a story shortly after Tennesee legalized restaurant carry where a soldier off-base went to a bar, got drunk and started waiving a gun around.

    Nobody was hurt and the stupid sole’s life was ruined.

    I fail to see the problem with this….

  7. This is one I feel very strongly about. I believe people should have the right to carry in bars, provided that do not drink. Call it the “Designated Driver Exemption.”

    A few years ago I was DDing for my buddy’s birthday party (I have kidney problems and can’t drink). One of my other buddies was telling us about the Honda V-twin he just bought. Out of no where, two dudes in leather and colors started in on us that Hondas were for F@ggots and we’re not welcomed in their bar (it was a local sports bar, not a biker bar). We complained to the management who threw them out. We finished our drinks and hotwings and went outside to find the half drunk bikers waiting for us. The situation went down hill very quickly, with a lot of yelling, cursing, and threats, that ended in a sprint across a parking lot and a tire squeeling out onto a highway.

    I had never wanted a gun on me so badly, but in SD you can’t carry in a place that does at least 50% of it’s sales in alcohol. So my gun was in my glove box. No one got hurt, but it was very, very, dicey.

  8. Did anyone notice that the map shows all of the Northeast Communist area has no restrictions? You can carry in a bar in NY? Conn.? NJ?

    We have no restriction here in Iowa and I can’t recall a single incident involving a licensed owner. There have been some instances of thugs waving guns around or shots fired outside of bars. You can bet that if a carry permit person was involved the gun hating paper here would have it above the fold on the front page.

    We’ve been shall issue for 2 1/2 years now and I’m still waiting for all the blood and death the naysayers predicted. Surely they weren’t wrong?

    1. No restrictions is not the same as not being mentioned at all. It as suggested by the info graphics is left to property owners/managers and municipalities in CT because there is no explicit mention in state law. I’ve never seen a no guns sign at a bar or restaurant in CT but I’m sure they exist somewhere. Personally I’d prefer and explicit mention in state law one way or the other so I don’t have to wait until I go to court to find out if I’m fucked or not should I have a beer and a DGU.

    2. That’s a joke, right? You can’t even get a CC license in NY, NJ or CT, so why would they have laws restricting carry in bars? Anyone who has been able to get one must have connections, and you shouldn’t keep nthose ‘special people’ who are better than us from drinking!

  9. Point of order: They quote the study as being ‘homicides’.

    How many of those were *NOT* ‘murder’?

    Homicide (Latin: homicidium, Latin: homo human being + Latin: caedere to cut, kill) is an act of a human killing another human.

    So that 40% ‘convicted of homicide’ statistic must, by necessity, include all those DRUNK DRIVING DEATHS (negligent/vehicular manslaughter) people get convicted for.

    Way to pad your numbers there guys…

  10. Howdy Miguel, The map is correct for Minnesota. My state’s carry law doesn’t specify that carry in bars is banned. Bars of course can ban carry by simply posting as required by law.
    However, in Minnesota, carrying while intoxicated is illegal, much like driving under the influence is. The legal limit is .04 BAC, half of the current limit for driving. And even if you aren’t at the limit, there is the potential for permit revocation.

  11. “Not your grandfather’s NRA”
    Well, when my grandfather was in his early 20’s you could buy anything you wanted, whenever/however you wanted, there were few gun laws, and the homicide rate was fractions of what it is now, and the NRA didn’t have to defend RKBA, because it wasn’t at risk of being taken away.
    Of course, times have changed. But why do anti-‘s think its wrong the NRA tries to defend gun rights? I mean, it would be tough to be a national rifle association if laws banned rifles?

    Sometimes, the stupid is so bad, it burns.

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