So I found my BBQ Gun

Till a couple of days ago, I had heard the term BBQ Gun but did not know what it meant. I was promptly schooled by Tam via LawDog.

Now, a BBQ gun is a whole different animal. A BBQ gun is what you wear to barbeques, baby christenings, formal balls, and any other place where a fancy jacket or outfit would be worn.

Get your paws on a revolver. Smith & Wesson or Colt would be best, although I understand that Brazilian products are becoming accepted. Polished stainless at a minimum, and full-blown nickle is a better. And pony up for full engraving. Have the trigger, hammer, screws and ejection rod anodized blue, gold, or colour-case-hardened for the traditionalists.

And I found the perfect BBQ gun, at least for me. Now I need the budget and the darned Powerball ain’t smiling at me.

LeMat Raymond Wielgus
LeMat Revolver Engraved By Raymond Wielgus

6 Replies to “So I found my BBQ Gun”

  1. I wonder if I can use my nickle plated 1911 as a BBQ gun. All the pins, safety, slide release, trigger, grip safety and mainspring housing are all black. I could throw a set of Ivory grips on it, but I think the black ones look better.

    The LeMatt does look good. But like you, the power ball isn’t shining here either.

  2. I have at least two nickel-plated revolvers and a blued WW2-era 1911. For something more formal I’d have to look through the rest of my inheritance.(My dad has a pair of pearl-handled revolvers he’s getting a two-holster belt made for.)

  3. That is a a Beautiful revolver!
    Makes you think, if you get the revolver, next you’ll need a gorgeous holster!, then a Belt to match and Boots and of course The HAT… to pull it off! …. and so on…
    Hope you win BIG!! lol

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