Hispanics = White? But…but…

Hispanics are often described as driving up the nonwhite share of the population. But a new study of census forms finds that more Hispanics are identifying as white.

via More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White – NYTimes.com.

I find this article funny because it shows where racism is truly and really seated: In the liberal minds. It has to come as a shock that some among the Hispanic can consider themselves Whites. Maybe they are sell-outs trying to get a share of that White Privilege? Skin pigmentation problems perhaps? Because when you say Hispanic, this is what their mind pictures:

Or maybe,, just maybe, the intelligentsia once again screwed up….yes, we will go with that.

Hispanic is not a race, it is a culture that comes from a single origin: The Iberian Peninsula. And even within that base, we get sub-divisions based on language, one going for Spanish and the other for Portuguese.  After that, get ready because it has more twists and turns than a Telenovela.

As skin color goes, you have a great influx of White being injected on South America more than in central America as more people moved there because it was easier on the navigation. Then the slaves were brought over from Africa and that added to the mix and a new flavor was created called Mulatto.

Now, human nature ain’t static or rides formulas for strict mixing or not mixing. In the early Hispano World, relationships across race lines were not as verbotten as Europe would like to had it back in the day because no sane woman would dare take a chance to cross half the world to an unsafe place. We ain’t talking a quick jump from the West of England the New England of now but literally almost half the Atlantic Ocean to reach South America. That meant little on the Female companionship and men being men…..

That is the first part. The second part is more immigration from other countries than Spain and Portugal. For some reason,  in Venezuela we had a great influx of Lebanese people at the end of the XIX century (and for also obscure reasons, they got called Turcos-Turks. Don’t ask me why) Alongside the Lebanese, we had Germans that came over to do scientific explorations and decided to stay and even bring their families. Also the first albeit small batch of Italians start to come in and in even smaller scale, Chinese.

Crap really hits the fan for Latin America after World War II. Spaniards leaving for the New World after the Spanish Civil War and Italians doing the same. A tide of Germans flock to the Southern Cone where some lost ancestors had settled decades before. And hell, I done forgot Jewish people, but they have been wandering since Fernando and Isabella kicked them out of Spain. Out of that smorgasbord, you are bound to have pretty much anything but a race defined by color. And let’s not get into the cultural part because I don’t have that much time or space in the server. Let’s just say that Colombia has a different culture than Peru and than of Brazil and that of Argentina and so on and forth.

Confused? Don’t be,  just enjoy it.  My Almost-Brother (neighbor I grew up with) is what you might call a light mulatto, my best friend and ex-business partner is blond with blue eyes and one of my godsons is half Chinese, half Jewish. When I told my parents I was gonna get married to a “Gringa” they asked me to what was she. I told them that she was German-Irish with 1/4 Cherokee Indian.  My mother fussed and said she was not asking about that but to describe her physically and when she found out she was all of 4’11” I got their approval. They were more worried about their own misconception that all gringas were 7 foot tall and them being petite themselves wouldn’t get along. 🙂

The Liberal mind is so full of bigotry and racism, it pains me to see them infected like that. Who’d knew that Bull Connor was alive and well and living in NY.

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  1. +1 on CB’s comment… or my friend from the Navy, Jose O’brien who is red headed, blue eyed, and ‘Mexican’ born in Mexico City… And his Spanish roots go back to the early 1800s except for a great x4 grandfather that was black irish… 🙂

  2. Why is this so surprising? Hispanics watch the news too. They learned during the Zimmerman smear-a-thon that Hispanic=White and they’re just going along with what they were told!

  3. And lest we forget, there is the former president of Peru, Alberto Fujimoro, who was of Japanese ancestry.

    There was a kid in my college dorm from Peru who was of Chinese descent. He was a brilliant physics major who, unfortunately, had planned to go back to Peru and join the Shining Path. It’s been over 30 years but I still wonder what happened to Aki.

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