Light Blogging.

Doing some Home projects of the way too long overdue Honey-Do-Or-You-Will-Be-Fed-To-The-Gators list.

So, while I make sure I do no end up floating face down in the lake, I leave you with this piece of (I really do not know what to call it) from the cousins across the Atlantic. If you have reached this level of insecurity, it is time you think about dumping your system and try another one

ham locked
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4 Replies to “Light Blogging.”

  1. Is it…
    Is it… …
    … because some enterprising wannabe brit thug might use it as a weapon, or because brits can’t be trusted not to steal a leg of lamb?

    If they’re willing to club someone with a leg of lamb, they’ll do so with a boxed one.
    If they’re clever (voluminous?) enough to conceal a leg of lamb, they’ll probably conceal the box easily, too.

    I’m baffled, it is as if the entire culture is alien to me.

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