5 Replies to “There is always that one neighbor…”

  1. Yes, it’s an eyesore, but you could always offer to pay for professional installation. Either shaming them into doing it themselves or solving the problem to your satisfaction.

    1. I have the feeling that his satellite account is not in the up and up. You have to literally swat away the hundreds of little companies subcontracted to the 2 big ones and getting somebody to install the dish for $20 is not difficult.
      Or it is just Miami. The neighbor to the right (not in the pic) has her garage dedicate as refuge for the ducks in the area and they park their cars outside. The Duck Commander people would have a full season’s worth of ducks just blasting at the garage door.

  2. Heh. Hopefully it’s not permanently in use. If it is then, bleh. Neighbor Shame.
    I’ve got something like that for my old 3LNB DirecTV dish that I use when traveling/camping. When we park, we find the elevation and az, and start pointing the dish best we can if we want Tv 🙂

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