11 Replies to “And a message for Texas from Michael Bloomberg.”

    1. Umm – you do realize that Open Carry of long guns is ALREADY legal in Texas? Not saying I agree with the less than stellar way certain individuals who are not necessarily representative of or legitimately representing an organized group are behaving……………..

      1. Texas currently allows open carry of long guns but handguns can only be carried concealed, which requires a permit.

        There have been arrests made to people lawfully open-carrying long guns in the state of Texas on other grounds. They typically end up contested in court, and the police slapped down.

        1. Sorry, I read that initial post as “…open carry of long guns is Already ILLEGAL in Texas…”(capitalized to point out error) which is the exact opposite of what GomeznSA said. I’m pretty sure my comment itself is still factually accurate, though.

    1. Are you sure? I suspect that much of the “terrified” people are paid MDA people. The 911 calls are mostly false reports. The pictures that we are now seeing are all old and not current, but they are being written about as if they just happened. So, Bloomberg is part of the story. I

  1. Hmmm..Bloomberg..another paranoid gun nut. When I saw him he had 6 bodyguards. That’s 6 primaries plus 6 BUG’s. How does 12 more guns on our streets keep the children safe? 😉

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