Shannon Watt’s boyfriend, C. J. Grisham sent some of his minions to Target to get cookies.


Moms Demand OCT Target

Via WSJ Washington Wire:

The National Rifle Association last week warned Open Carry Texas against staging demonstrations in stores, calling them “downright weird” and “not neighborly.”

The Bloomberg-funded group aims to take advantage of the rift between the gun rights groups.

“We’re surprised that Target hasn’t already taken action to prohibit these displays — especially since the NRA has already spoken out on this front,” Ms. Soto Lamb said.

One little mistake: The NRA is a gun rights group, OCT is a bunch of poseurs. This assholes are gonna send us back to 1994 and next thing we know we will be paying $80 for a Beretta 15 round magazine all over again.

12 Replies to “Shannon Watt’s boyfriend, C. J. Grisham sent some of his minions to Target to get cookies.”

  1. Very possibly unfortunately. Mags for my Para Ordinance P13 were going for $120 at one point. Magazine capacity is a very slippery slope as can be observed in both New York and New Jersey.

  2. Here’s a thought: these guys are fake OCT, sent out as agent provocateurs by the Moms Demand Action (don’t they get enough at home?)

  3. I still don’t understand why they’re doing this at private businesses. What do they think it’s going to accomplish? How are these actions going to lead to their goal of open carry of pistols? Do they have any plan at all?

  4. I’ve heard – but not verified – that this is another case of MDA digging through OCT’s archives.

    Just like they did when they accused OCT of carrying in a place that serves alcohol, which is illegal now, but wasn’t when the picture was taken.

    Still, OCT’s ass-hattery got themselves on MDA’s “list,” so now MDA will pull all manners of deception, lies, and out-of-context statements to get them in trouble. This is a well-known and understood tactic of the antis; why would anyone be dumb enough to leave themselves open to it?

    1. You are correct. The Target photos were taken back in January of this year. They are digging for anything they can find and making it look like this is a current issue. We stopped taking firearms into businesses – even though we obtained permission FIRST – long ago. And I wouldn’t touch Shannon Watts with Miguel’s body parts!

      1. They are digging for anything they can find

        Now, if you did not give them anything to begin with….. but that seems to be an overextended train of thought in OCT.

  5. I want to know when we start pressuring the NRA to stop supporting these idiots. Have they lost their minds? Why are we supporting a gun advocacy group that rubber stamps this behavior? Get these guys under control.

    1. From the article: The National Rifle Association last week warned Open Carry Texas against staging demonstrations in stores, calling them “downright weird” and “not neighborly.”

      You scored poorly on reading comprehension in school, didn’t you? Good thing that doesn’t disqualify you from Bloomberg’s payroll.

  6. Except, based on the Cam interview with Chris Cox, all he REALLY rolled back was the use of the term “weird”.

    Yes, the NRA unequivocally supports Open Carry as a defensive choice. They stated they support Open Carry in almost every paragraph of teh (in)famous NRA-ILA release, but they ALSO condemned OCT’s use of long gun Open Carry _for_the_sole_purpose_of_drawing_attention_to_the_gun_ as a tactic*.

    OC nutjobs (NOT “OC activists” or “OC carriers” — there IS a huge difference) immediately took teh NRA statement as meaning that NRA condemns ALL OC, and their “Hate the NRA” sycophants ran with that meme without ever actually reading (or perhaps, unable to comprehend after reading) what the NRA said.

    Just like they are painting the NRA walking back the word “weird” as some kind of surrender to OCT’s logic.

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