Dear Mr. Fineman, Bloomberg, Everitt plus Ms. Watts & Ms. Brady.

Before you go full idiotic bemoaning how two White Supremacists killed two Police Officers in Las Vegas and try to associate them with the NRA, please understand  that we know those White Supremacists and the lot of you share something in common: Keeping guns from minorities like me.

Good try, no cookie.


4 Replies to “Dear Mr. Fineman, Bloomberg, Everitt plus Ms. Watts & Ms. Brady.”

  1. O.K. first… Are these two idiots White Supremacists? If so, GET THAT OUT!!

    If not, then the gun grabbers have just had their wet dream come true: some Constitution-loving, right wing nutjobs just handed them a victory in their propaganda war.

  2. I notice that they are silent on the fact that the husband had a lengthy rap sheet and should have been a prohibited person, meaning all firearms were likely purchased by the wife. Last I checked, that was a straw purchase and still illegal. But, hey, background checks.

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