CSGV: They don’t see the contradiction.

This is you laugh for the day. The Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence makes fun of gun owners as anti government paranoids and the solution is to send the Government to kill gun owners or put them in concentration camps.

CSGV Contradiction
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Do notice that none of them volunteer to do their part for the peace they seek. They are confy with the idea that somebody else should die for their cause.  They have no problem with sausage as long as they don’t see the pig getting killed.

And soon, they got their asses handed back:
CSGV Contradiction 2Classic!


7 Replies to “CSGV: They don’t see the contradiction.”

  1. Are they seriously suggesting that the NAZI groups should be quelled by application of force by SECRET POLICE or being herded into CONCENTRATION CAMPS?

    Hello Pot, Kettle is on the phone, he would like to speak to you.

  2. Michael Huddleston’s tragic error lies in his apparent belief that collectivists view individualists as “their fellow human beings.” In what passes for the mind of a collectivist, individualists are, at best, beasts of burden that* are fit only to produce wealth for the collectivists to consume. In their view, most individualists are enemies (class/race/sex/whatever) to be eliminated, so as to bring about their Heaven on Earth (note that it’s a Heaven blessedly free of anyone who might disagree of their vision, without any concern about how said Heaven purged dissenters…).

    *Deliberately used, as the word “who” would imply that the collectivists view us as human…

  3. “Law abiding gun owners are paranoid, delusional, crackpots who think that the government is going to take away their guns, put them in concentration camps, and kill them; and the best way for us to respond to their paranoia is to send in government agents to take away their guns, put them in concentration camps, and kill them. That will teach them to be so paranoid and delusional.”

    It boggles my mind trying to understand their logic.

  4. Don’t forget ,fellow gunbullynuts…we’re all responsible for the “fast & furious” gun running scheme too Holder even said so………

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