Moms Demand (Florida Chapter) might be a bit confused about local laws.

The horror! Damnable Open Carry killed four people!

Moms Demand OC Florida


Except that Florida is one of the few states that do not have Open Carry.

Maybe they should call it a School Shooting since the kids might have been of school age?

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  1. I wonder if all their chapters get their mandate handed down from the central authority in NY, this month it’s: “keep hammering on open carry”

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  2. First line of the linked article: “The ‘open carry’ of automatic weapons….”

    Does anyone actually do that?

    Or is this just another example of the media not understanding the difference between “semi-automatic” and “automatic”?

    What’s the over-under on this Occam’s Razor?

  3. Sure! They should do something about suicides, absolutely! Like campaign for proper mental health care in this country.
    Instead the League of Hysterical Mommies (who does NOT speak for all moms or women, thankyouverymuch) is blathering on about the tool once again.

    They love to point out how Japan has few privately owned firearms, blah blah blah… so I feel compelled to point out that Japan has also had a historically high suicide rate despite the lack of privately owned firearms. People kill themselves anyway. Same with Australia.

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