Shannon Watts channels George C. Parker. (Updated)

George C. Parker was a con man. His favorite con was selling the Brooklyn Bridge, feat that he managed to pull several times on different victims of greed. In fact, it is thanks to him that the expression “and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you” is now part of our language lore. 

Next I hear is that Shannon Watts had a march in the Brooklyn Bridge  (Paid for His Divinity Michael Bloomberg) trying to keep pulling her “gun safety” con job and I thought it was laughably appropriate.

MDA Brooklyn 2
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THIS IS WHAT CHANGE LOOKS LIKE: Earlier today, more than 1,000 moms, dads, survivors and citizens marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to take a stand for gun sense.

I tried to look for a more aerial view on both Facebook pages of Moms demand and Everytown, but other that the one above, it was unsuccessful. I did  a bit of Google News search and came out with some articles and images that prove once more Gun Control Activists can’t do math.

From News.Sky:

Gathering at the starting point of the rally:

Although some Media repeated the “Over 1,000” press release, several news outlets reported only Hundreds as the pics above seem to support.

If Gun Control is such a hot topic, how come you cannot gather a full thousand people in NYC in good weather?  Simply it os not such a hot topic and it is only kept warm thanks to Michael Bloomberg’s cash infusion and the Media faux concern, both acting like heat lamps keeping french fries tasting somewhat decent at the rack in the burger joint.

One last question: Where is Richard Martinez? You would think since he was elevated to the new face of gun control, he’d be right there with Ms. Watts holding the banner.

OK, carry on.

Days of Our Trailers got some other angles from pictures taken by an MDA marcher.

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