When caught in a lie, feign outrage, obfuscate & blame others.

redefine school shooting.

By the amount of noise coming out of the Gun Control Groups, you cannot but see that they were hurt in their dwindling trust with the public by revelations that they were faking the stats on School Shootings.

In the American collective, the term School Shooting is uniquely identified with specific characteristics: Inside a school by one individual (sometimes two) in an attempt to inflict the biggest amount of killings possible.  Ask your average person the first thing that comes to mind after saying School Shooting and you more likely hear them say ” “Columbine” or “Virginia Tech ” and “Sandy Hook.”

But the new Kids in GunControl Town, Moms Demand Action, decided unilaterally to amplify the concept without telling anyone just to make more noise and “recruit” more plastic grass. All of the sudden, if a shooting occurred in or around a school zone (and sometimes not even in the same zip code), it was included as a “School Shooting” and added to the fake statistic to make more noise.

We have known this for quite a while, but it wasn’t until CNN ran its story about how the numbers given by Shannon and Her Pussycats were not in concordance with what the accepted concept of School Shooting that it went outside the gun rights circle.  And boy they got mad! CNN suddenly became a mouthpiece for the NRA and the latest is that Gun Rights Groups took it upon themselves to change the definition of school shootings because theirs was always right in a sort of Orwellian Weve always been at war with Eastasia.

Caught with their pants down and aflame, they had to counterattack by saying that any shooting in any school of nearby has always been the common definition of School Shooting and to say otherwise it is not only a lie but shows you really don’t care for the children.

In short – as far as I can follow the logic – the message to parents concerned that there are loaded weapons going off on school property, and that their sons and daughters are at risk of being hit by bullets from those weapons, is this: it doesn’t really count unless the shooter is a pupil, not involved in a gang, who made a pre-meditated plan to massacre a large number of students. And not in the parking lot.

The gun lobby’s new tactic: redefining ‘school shootings’ so they don’t count.

The sad & laughable thing is that if you were to go back and revise the PR releases & Social Media announcements by Moms Demand, MAIG, CSGV and the rest, you will notice that they also seem to have ignored 90% or more of School Shootings that do not involve “a pupil, not involved in a gang, who made a pre-meditated plan to massacre a large number of students.” Gangbangers shooting each other in or near school in Chicago do not attract the proper attention and only serve to underline the futility and stupidity of the Gun Free Zones they cherish and champion.

If you juggle too many lies at one time, some are bound to blow up on your face. Sympathetic detonations to follow.

10 Replies to “When caught in a lie, feign outrage, obfuscate & blame others.”

  1. I’ve seen about 4 or 5 different definitions of “school shooting.” It might help if those who use the term cite which definition they’re using.

    1. It’s whatever makes their numbers sound good at the moment. Kind of like whenever they try and compare the US to other countries. ‘Civilized’, ‘advanced’, ‘industrialized’. Basically they try to limit it to western Europe and Japan.

      1. Which is funny, because our crime rate is actually lower than a lot of Western europe.

        Especially if you account for the dodgy crime statistics reporting in Europe and Japan.

        ESPECIALLY if you exclude the 3 cities in the US with the strictest gun control laws.

  2. I find their outrage and histrionics over this highly amusing, actually.

    I mean, their side defined the term “mass shooting” – a spree shooting with four or more deaths – and their term for “school shooting” was, for a very long time, “a mass shooting perpetrated by a student at a school.” Gang hits, drug-deals-gone-bad, domestic disputes, and suicides don’t count.

    So, yes, I find it highly amusing that their BS is being called by national media. THEY DEFINED THE TERMINOLOGY OF THE DEBATE and then they get all bent out of shape when those exact terms are used against them.

    Pass the popcorn, please. 🙂

  3. Soo…
    If I shoot my airsoft gun in my basement,roughly a .5 mile from the closest school. Is that a school shooting???
    Sombody please help me with this………….
    a gunbullynutpsychopath

  4. The thing to remember is that Democrats Lie! Why would you elect a democrat to anything when you know that they will Lie to you about their motives and policies designed to enslave you!

  5. So liberals are accusing the evil gun owners and gun lobby of using Obama’s tactics?

    Isn’t that racist? I mean, isn’t saying Obama’s tactics are bad racist?

    //end sarcasm//

    Of course, like the vast majority of liberals, any lie or any law broken to get their way is good as long as it furthers their agenda.

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