Where your ideology says you should live, Technology may kill you.

Liberals like living in urban areas, within walking distance of shops and neighbors. Conservatives prefer the wide-open spaces outside the city that puts more distance between themselves and the next-closest house.

But once you’ve identified the state in which you want to live, who’s going to tell you which Zip codes are best for your ideological leanings? Leave that to the good folks at Clarity Campaign Labs.

via Where your ideology says you should live – The Washington Post.

It has some cute little app thingies in which you answer 5 questions and “BAM” it gives you the perfect location for you to live. After a couple of tries, I decided to go almost all Libtard answering the questions for Florida:

Where your ideology says you should live Florida


Miami Gardens, maybe the most bankrupt and violent zip code in all South Florida.

Holy crap, the app works!

9 Replies to “Where your ideology says you should live, Technology may kill you.”

  1. You went full lib-tard, but said you attend religious services regularly?

    What kind? Pagan? New-age/wiccan? Or did some lib-tard group start the oxymoronically-named Church of Atheism? 😉

    I cannot, for the life of me, get my town to come up. Must be too middle-of-the-road/centrist/diverse to be included.

  2. Heh…. I described my leanings, and included “urban.” for Virginia.

    I got Tangier Island in the middle of the Chesapeake.

  3. On the lib side it shows Dallas or Houston for me.
    On the normal people side it shows Garden City or Doss, Tx.

    I would be extremely happy with the Garden City area because I’ve been working on getting my wife to move out that way for years. I’m already in the lower level of hel… I mean Houston area.

  4. In the entire State of Washington, the program put me only 30 miles from where I really live (the most politically conservative county in the western half of the state… Republicans run against Republicans, Dems rarely get on the ballot)

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