Gun Control Activism: Recycling Really Old Memes.

I just bumped into this in Twitter and had to laugh:

no hooters for shooters

For the Youngins, this is not but a modern version of a Vietnam Era Ant-War poster. Back then, it was the “patriotic” duty of women to behave like whores on Spanish Fly to protest the war and convince young men to avoid the draft.

Here is the original poster:

girls say yes to boys who say no
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So they are down at rummaging the old file cabinets looking for something to use to keep propagating their BS and lies.

I guess next thing we will see is a passel of Moms Demand (all 12 of them) burning their sports bras in front of Capitol building or the local Target store.

19 Replies to “Gun Control Activism: Recycling Really Old Memes.”

  1. Any woman who tried that angle wouldn’t be called the next day anyway. I’d much rather shoot for score with my lady in the next lane than have to curtail any personal interests or hobbies to suit someone else’s ideology…

  2. Also, they may not realize that many on the pro-freedom and self-determination side of the argument look for a true partner, someone to stand and work and fight beside; the kind of girls that will be turned off by shooters are the girls we weren’t looking for in the first place. This is like Boycotting a store you don’t shop at.

    1. It’s more like a store you’re actively boycotting declaring they’re going to refuse your service. “I didn’t want your service anyway and I’m insulted that you think I’m that shallow.”

  3. If we give up our guns, we earn the “right” to be chastised for our masculinity.
    If we give up our masculinity, we earn the “right” to be lambasted for our political beliefs.
    If we give up our political beliefs, we earn the “right” to be lectured on our religious and sexual proclivities.
    If we give up our religious and sexual proclivities, we earn the “right” to be scolded for our patriotism.

    So basically, if we only give up everything that makes us who we are, we get the chance at a life of misery with a leftist female who won’t stop nagging us until we turn into an obedient puddle of pliant male Jello that only turns into a man in bed.

    One last thought: the Isla Vista shooter though there was a giant “girl conspiracy” to deny him sex and companionship. I wonder where he could have gotten a crazy idea like that?
    As usual, leftist liberals hide behind every problem we have.

      1. Seriously, that’s their Helen, who’s irrisitable charms will cause us to throw down their arms? The model who’s looks are supposed to cause paroxism of lust, so much that we will give up our core beliefs?
        Pure. Fail.

    1. Those women of the Temperance movement really are more analogous to #monsdemand than those college co-eds. Have a look at any of their protests. They occasionally get a woman in her 40s, and rarely in her 30s.

      Plus most of us gun nuts are happily married, so good luck there.

  4. Conservative women who aren’t afraid of guns are more attractive, anyway. I’ll take an Ann Coulter over a Rachel Madcow any day.

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