Miami Herald: Layers und Layers of editorial oversight. (Updated)

A shooting that happened earlier today in Liberty City, a sad place due to gang activity…not that you would now that by reading the papers or watching the TV News.

Liberty City Shooting

I am not sure if the rounds come with crazy glue, velcro or stick-um . Sure as hell they were not shown at SHOT show or the NRA Annual Meeting.

UPDATE: This is a new addition to the story.

Liberty City Shooting 2

“Police believe someone was targeted.” (Spelling theirs)

No shit Sherlock. What gave it away?

And who is on duty at the Miami Herald? The kids from the local High School Newspaper ?

UPDATE 2: So they finally brought an adult. Unfortunately he did not improve on the article but he did hit all the usual mistakes with the guns used (not allegedly if we go by what is written but true evidence/fact).

Liberty City Shooting 3



give me patience

2 Replies to “Miami Herald: Layers und Layers of editorial oversight. (Updated)”

  1. Get ready for the cries of “too many guns.” If everyone in Liberty City were packing it would be a much quieter and safer place. Every local knows that.

    “Police believe someone was targeted.” (Spelling theirs) – I never went to college so maybe I’m missing the obvious….so what is misspelled?

  2. Here comes the inevitable anti gun tirade from Mr Pitts. God I wish we could educate him but he is so intolerant and closed minded.

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