CSGV: Trouble in Marketing Paradise.

A request was made by CSGV to its Facebook followers:

CSGV Moderate language

It seems that finally after several years of screwing the pooch and letting their followers do the same, somebody came along and slapped in the back of the head and told them to moderate their bull.

Unfortunately, some of the followers are less than thrilled about being censored. Funny if you think about it because CSGV has had no problem banning anybody on our side that decides to challenge them in their page.

CSGV Moderate language 02


CSGV Moderate language 5

CSGV Moderate language 6

CSGV Moderate language 7

Of course, there are those who are very comfortable with censorship:

CSGV Moderate language 3

Some pointed out the contradiction of the request:

CSGV Moderate language 4

While others called them on their sensationalism:

CSGV Moderate language 8

There is no doubt that they are gearing for the upcoming elections in November.  But with their proven history of disrespect not only for the Second Amendment but also the rest of the Bill of Rights, it is gonna be hard for them to appear and innocent doves of peace and freedom as the Internet never forgets.

These were the last three comments before posting. If they are not an indication of how messed up and contradictory they are on their own, I don’t know what else can be shown.

CSGV Moderate language 10


9 Replies to “CSGV: Trouble in Marketing Paradise.”

    1. Those ‘strings’ tend to actually be parts of a very large spider web……
      The hoplophobes are so tangled in it they don’t even realize that they are being manipulated by a bunch of elitists who will have absolutely NO compunction about tossing them aside once their usefulness comes to an end.


  1. Both sides certainly have idiots and zealots. I find, IMO that leftists however are control freaks. They love big daddy gov’t, and violence by proxy of the state, and to control others speech and actions.


  2. While we certainly have our fair share of idiots, the collapse of the gun control movement over the last decade has guaranteed that the majority of their current followers are the die hards and fanatics. The ones that really do want to ban all guns and see gun owners hurt/imprisoned.

    They’ve been fomenting this demographic for years by repeatedly saying we’re traitors and ‘insurrectionists’, wanting to violently overthrow the government, and making ‘threats’ out of every political ad and activity.

    Now they’re reaping the whirlwind while we make screencaps.



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