According to Rolling Stone Magazine, there was a right wing insurrection in Texas…

..and somehow the democratic process was subverted and Crazy Conservatives took over….damned elections! CSGV gives full approval to this article…of course!

CSGV texas insurrection

And apparently the “Make Nice Comments, don’t debase yourself” request did not take.

CSGV texas insurrection 1

CSGV texas insurrection 2

CSGV texas insurrection 3

CSGV texas insurrection 4

Something about the leopard and spots comes to mind.

8 Replies to “According to Rolling Stone Magazine, there was a right wing insurrection in Texas…”

    1. Dude saying stuff like that gets you no where. It just puts the Dems/libs on the defensive. Without any reasoning behind the claim that they are hate filled death mongers, they could say the same thing about reps/cons and be just as effective.

    1. No. This is just another example if the liberal doublethink, that police and other LEO’s are a special breed of ubermensch, who are better, smarter, more in control, than the rest of us civilians and can be trusted to cary guns in public because they have been blessed by the almighty power of government.

      1. Well no, they’ve been trained to use them and are known to not be delusional, and are much more likely to be thrust into a dangerous situation in which the use of a gun to defend themselves makes up for the chance that it will injure someone

  1. I love how these people all want Texas to secede. Texas is the No. 2 most tax-payingest state, at $219,459,878,000 in 2012. If Texas broke free of the US, I would move there in a heartbeat just to never have to pay federal income tax ever again.

    1. And if they actually made real steps for it to happen, I’d move there in a heartbeat… it’s only a couple states West and my company has an office there 🙂

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