Tueller Guideline revised: Here I go again with Machetes. (Graphic Content)

A buddy of mine (who wants to remain anonymous for fear of people giving him hell for having such a bad taste in friends) sent me this pic of him doing some patchwork on a machete victim.

machete victim1
Click to enlarge at your own risk


If you still don’t see it, may I direct your eyes to the lower left corner of the pic. No that is not Addams Family ‘Thing’ but what is left of the guy’s left hand. And the white cylinder that you see on the left middle of the pic is where the hand used to be attached.

Long blades are not a joke, specially when wielded by people who are proficiency in their use and keep them so sharp, they do not bother using a sheat because it will survive a couple of days top and they just wrap it in old newspaper.

If you face somebody with a machete or any other long blade, Tueller does not apply till you at least double it! And 42 feet seems a very short distance all of the sudden so, if you see machete being brandished in anger towards you, screw any distance and get your gun out or run like frigging hell.

And send plenty bb’s downrange.

3 Replies to “Tueller Guideline revised: Here I go again with Machetes. (Graphic Content)”

  1. Yep, at least double!!! Had some MS-13 types up here last year, they liked to ‘show off’ with them where it could be seen… Until they showed off to the ‘wrong’ person…

  2. Most people seem to forget that the vast majority of deaths in the Rwanda genocide was from machetes (there were plenty of AK’s but not enough ammo to go around).

    Growing up in Miami and volunteering in a hospital, I’v seen more than a few machete accidents. Any tool capable of going through the tough husk of a palm tree doesn’t have much trouble passing through soft and squishy human.

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