Moms Demand More Lies in the Fourth of July.

Moms Demand Lies 4th july

 86 Americans are shot and killed in our country every single day. That comes to just over 31,000 people a year.  Now, the latest numbers I was able to find were the FBI’s for 2011 for Murder & Non-Negligent Manslaughter and they come up to 14,612.

You would not think that the highly moral and trustworthy Shannon Watts would include suicides by firearm, right? Those people were not shot but they shot themselves…then again those suicide victims might have been suffering from split personality disorders so Moms Demand can argue that they were shot by “somebody else they knew” (A.K.A. their alter egos) and make it to the statistic.

Nah…they wouldn’t lie like that, would they?

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  1. Any of the comments on their post call them out on their disingenuous maths? I’m not on the Facepage so I can’t check 🙂

  2. FBI Stats 2012 (table 20, homicides by weapon)

    Total murders: 12,765 (34.9/day)
    All types firearms: 8,855 (24.2/day)
    (handguns: 6,371) (17.4/day)
    (rifles & shotguns: 625) (1.7/day)
    Knifes: 1,589 (4.3/day)
    Other weapons: 1,643 (4.5/day)
    Hands / feet: 678 (1.8/day)

    Table 15: Justifiable homicide, citizen: 310
    Table 14: Justifiable homicide, LEO: 410

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):
    2011 (the most recent data available): 39,518 suicides (108.2/day)

    1. “Table 15: Justifiable homicide, citizen: 310
      Table 14: Justifiable homicide, LEO: 410”

      I suspect these numbers are a bit low in light of these numbers from florida. After all, there are 49 other states,

      “Seventy felons were killed by police officers, compared to 56 in 2010. The number of felons killed by private citizens increased to 48, compared to 40 in 2010.”

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