CSGV: Poor Imagery selection process.

CSGV Can You Dig It

Some words or phrases can trigger memories that end up delivering a message that is not the one you intended.  “Dig it” is an expression that belongs more to my generation than Millenials and for many in my timeline “Can you dig it?” will always be associated with a scene from the movie The Warriors: Cyrus’ speech to representatives of the NY Gangs at Central Park.

Not quite the message that they were intending to transmit. If the Youngins haven’t seen this movie, go ahead and watch it as it is fun even if disbelief needs to be suspended somewhat. Very cool music! Bonus points if you can tell who is the DJ without looking it up in the internet.

But we have a second part to this imagery fail. One of the followers posted the following song and offered to CSGV:

CSGV Can You Dig It Killin Fields

Larry Tasse is a self-described “Vegan Freelance Pianist, Songwriter and Composer” and for the life of me I have no idea what the vegan part is so important on how well he can play a piano.

And Larry also fails at the imagery thing. The title alone “Killin’ Fields” immediately brings Cambodia and the excesses of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge upon an disarmed population. Rasputin? Really? Detroit? The absolute failure of Lib-Prog gun control policies to reduce crime?   And Genocide as cherry on top. Genocide which is the abuse of a very few armed killing a great number of unarmed people….like what happened in Cambodia’s “Killin’ Fields.”

I have to say that as long as they keep shooting themselves in the foot, they can keep going down this road.

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