Invest Millions of Dollars in Gun Control Strategies, Imitate the NRA?

Millions of bucks hiring the best minds Madison Avenue has and the best they can come up with is to copy the NRA’s strategies.

Moms Demand questionnaire

And it is not even a first copy since Brady has been doing something similar also.  You can go online and check the questionnaire here.

As expected, they are ramping up for Midterms and it is time to put on our game faces. They know they are against the corner and facing possible extinction so that makes them dangerous.

Let’s do this.

3 Replies to “Invest Millions of Dollars in Gun Control Strategies, Imitate the NRA?”

  1. I hate when the NRA does this crap too. It’s simply push-polling using a lot of convoluted words and double-negatives because I guess it’s better to click “Yes” than “No”.

    Also aren’t several of their “Do you support a law” crap already federal laws like weapons trafficking, and protection orders?

    1. See, there you go using logic and reason again! How do you propose we ever get ahead if the rest of the folks were, like you, to actually think about what the poll questions mean? Why, I’ll bet you would vote against getting the trains to run on time if it meant electing Mussolini!

      stay safe.

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