Open Carry “Activism” in Texas: When you thought it could not get any stupider…

…it goes 10 powers of magnitude higher.

I imagine most of you have seen the pic of this idiot:

target moron brandishing

If you haven’t, I’ll give you a couple of minutes to get your blood pressure under control.

Every so often, something so ridiculously stupid happens, you just have to shake your head and laugh. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES. When it comes to the reckless handling of a firearm, that is never a laughing matter. With that said, the gentleman in the above picture thought it would be a wise idea to recklessly brandish his firearm at his friendly neighborhood target.

Meet Todd Lo. Now clearly Todd is not the shiniest apple in the orchard. In one of the pics, the handguns muzzle actually appears to be dangerously close to aligning with the small girls head! This is behavior that is not indicative of any law-abiding gun owners that I’ve ever met. But what makes this story truly preposterous, is that Mr. Lo posted these pictures on the official Target Facebook page himself!

via Houston Area Man Recklessly Brandishes Firearm at Target | BuzzPoBuzzPo.

But this is about to get even more bizarre. You see, somebody got mad at Todd for brandishing his sidearm. That somebody in none other than Open Carry Texas very own C.J. Grisham:

target moron brandishing Grisham

He can’t understand why he is brandishing the firearm, he must be having mental problems. He might be right:

And Mr. Grisham himself did not like being scolded at his own brandishing:

screen cap stolen from Shall Not Be Questioned

My head hurts….seriously.


11 Replies to “Open Carry “Activism” in Texas: When you thought it could not get any stupider…”

  1. This situation and in-fighting is spiraling…and the antis must be wringing their hands with glee.
    I get the OCT PoV, but they’re not taking optics into consideration and they’re making mistakes and bad decisions trying to push their PoV… these gaffes are playing right into the anti’s hands and can you *imagine* what the left would do if God forbid there was an accident during one of these OC protests? *shakes head*

    There was a comment similar with yours, Ron; that he was a plant/mole/whatever, but I imagine he’s hiding for his life right now. I’m sure the store and local PD are looking for him…

  2. Certainly the activity shown in these pictures are not legal in Texas (and probably anywhere else), I can not imagine any gun owner doing such things, certainly, no gun owner that has a TX CHL,
    The only reasonable explanation is that these pictures were staged by anti-gun groups. I hope that the police get involved and punish the responsible parties,
    Is this the latest unlawful activity that Shannon Watts/MDA is involved in?

    1. The only reasonable explanation is that these pictures were staged by anti-gun groups.

      No. Unfortunately we have our share of assholes that have no understanding of what the fight to rescue our gun rights entail. Their whole vision is concentrated around themselves and have no understanding of the consequences as a whole for people outside their county, much less outside their state.
      They are the Government Cheese Gun owners: “I has my rights and fuck you.”

  3. Where is that little girls mother?
    I would be in jail or the hospital right now if I had been there at the time this idiot unholstered.

        1. I’m with you.
          Kinda hoping they get caught/in trouble but I don’t want to see the kid caught up in the stupidity of her parents’ actions =\

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