CSGV: Because a brain is a terrible thing to use.



Now let’s imagine is election day and we are to treating voting rights the same way guns are treated.

  1. You arrive at the polling site with cash/credit or debit card ready as you have to buy the actual voting form or use the voting machine.
  2. You have to fill a form prior to vote for a background check. If you lie in that form or make a mistake, you are subject to 10 years and/or $250,000 in fines.
  3. The Poll Officer calls the FBI and proceeds to perform a background check. You can be Approved, Delayed (which means you may have to come days later depending on the state) or Denied. If you are Denied, you can appeal via mail by sending another form and a fingerprint card. The reversal can take up to three months.
  4. If approved, you can now purchase the voting form or access to the voting machine, but depending on your state, your are limited to a certain number of voting options. Only certain approved government officials can vote on all the items available to vote. Some states have further restrictions and may not allow you to vote for the candidate or item you wish to vote.
  5. Mail-In voting is strictly forbidden.
  6. If you help somebody vote, you are engaged in Straw Voting, penalized with 5 years in Federal prison.
  7. When casting your vote, you must announce loudly how you vote. If you want to vote in silence and privacy, you must previously acquire a special tax stamp of $200 by filling a form, shelling the money, sending a fingerprint card to the federal authorities where another background check must occur and wait from 3 to 12 months (depending where you live) for the stamp to be approved
  8. At the next election, you must repeat the above steps all over again.

If LibProgs literally anally expel brick-works for demanding that people have ONE valid ID to vote, can you imagine the general apoplexy that would occur in every single ACLU and NAACP office across the nation if they were forced to vote this way?

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  1. I would like to know who would actually be disenfranchised if we require a valid form of ID to cast a vote.

    I’m pretty sure you can GET a valid form of ID from the government for free!(or for pocket change)

  2. Let’s be honest, they’re AGAINST people lawfully defending their lives from violent criminals.

    And they’re FOR people who can’t vote, or are willing to break the law and vote multiple times, committing voter fraud.

    Also note that both groups vote Democrat, even for people like Leland Yee.

  3. 2. You have to fill a form prior to vote for a background check. If you lie in that form or make a mistake, you are subject to 10 years and/or $250,000 in fines. _You also lose the right to vote again for the rest of your life._

    1. Also, somewhere between 6. and 7.: If you live in a state like California or Hawaii, you will have to wait up to 14-days (well after the election is over) before being allowed to cast your vote.

  4. No need to charge for a ballot, that’s a poll tax and is unconstitutional. But since felons and people adjudicated mentally ill are barred from voting (most state laws), all you would need to do it make every potential voter fill out a form 4473 and call in a NICS check before getting a ballot. That alone would be enough to get people screaming disenfranchisement at the top of their lungs.

  5. Every voter ID law I have heard of in the United States provides for free IDs for bona fide indigent persons. Most states (even those that haven’t tried to pass a voter ID law) have free or tremendously reduced ID fees for the indigent.

    Heck, some states issue free IDs to the poor specifically to use to prove point-of-service eligibility for welfare programs!

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