10 Replies to “This guy used all his luck for at least two lifetimes.”

    1. Yeah and on Mythbusters they alluded to using TNT as their secondary explosive which apparently IS shock sensitive enough to initiate an explosion from a 7.62 round verses the plastique C-4 looking type stuff this appears to be.

  1. Not really a big deal. The plastique needs a detonator to make the big bang and that bullet just never will be powerful enough.

    BTW – back in the day we used to unscrew the detonator, spoon out the plastique, and use it to boil water for coffee/shaving.

    stay safe.

    1. I bet supply officers loved that.

      You never told them, did you?
      (and yes, I know C4 is…relatively… safe, it doesn’t explode without heat and pressure and can be used as an impromptu Sterno so long as you don’t put it out by stomping on it. I didn’t know modern grenades used similar material, though.)

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