The Magical Astroturf Math of Moms Demand.

Apparently they are meeting in Colorado (No, I don’t know if they got free trip, room & board) to finally get serious about Gun Control.

Moms Demand Colorado Astroturf 2


Hundreds! That would mean at least two hundred, right? Here is the picture in full:

Moms Demand Colorado Astroturf


The configuration of the chairs is 12 rows by 12 columns.  Regular math shows that gives you 144 chairs, sort of short of the HUNDREDS .

As contrast, this was the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando, 2012. We paid our travel expenses and room.

GRPC Orlando 2012

According Moms Demand Astroturf Math that should be some two thousand or so people on the left side alone.  😀


13 Replies to “The Magical Astroturf Math of Moms Demand.”

    1. This applies to everyone. If you have to lie to make your point, is it really worth making?

      I’ve been known to oppose certain tracting strategies because I thought they were dishonest and corrupted the message they were trying to spread.

  1. And those are the ‘leaders’ of the anti-gun movement whereas a large percentage of the GRPC are locals and advocates attending an annual event from just one organization.

  2. That fisheye lens over-states the apparent number. What you can see in the Facebook pic is that there’s an entire large room section behind the group that’s completely empty, plus the entire side section from where the fisheye pic was taken is also completely empty. Also note how the Facebook pic is staged to imply that that view is just a small fraction of the total and that there might be thousands outside the frame. Classic misrepresentation of which Lenin would be proud. Desperation breeds lies.

  3. I count only 10 rows going back, and more than 12 going across. The chairs seem to be split down the middle. I count as many as 9 chairs on each side, but it’s hard to tell. Anyway, it’s definitely not a 12×12 configuration.

  4. And their spirit is summed up by the woman in the red sleeveless t-shirt with a yawn wide enough to take in 2 big macs stacked on top of each other.

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