Derping with authority.

Caught this watching FBI 10 most wanted: Manhunt in American Heroes Channel  (formally what Tam refers to The Hitler Channel) and saw the following. Not very good pictorial but it does the job and transmits the stupidity.


Holy mother of Flipper! I knew CorBon was good but not that good. I have one of my carry guns with Pow’RBall and I did not how deadly it could be. I did some research and found out the true composition of the bullets and I think you just have to wave the round in front of the critter for him to be eliminated and sent to another galaxy:



I am gonna get me a couple of aspirins now, the head-desking was strong.

12 Replies to “Derping with authority.”

  1. Lee beat me to it. Definitely blanks; that must have been eith a stock photo or they just grabbed a handful of brass from their scene recreations. Also, duh! Bullets designed to kill or injure! More at Six!

  2. “The Hitler Channel” is what we used to call The History Channel back in the day. WWII footage the is the quick, easy and cheap way to fill time when you don’t actually have any content of your own.

  3. Where can i get some of that ammo in your last picture? I am assuming all I have to do is shoot it into a room to kill everyone in there?

  4. I used to have a co-worker who insisted the FBI had shown that 10mm hollow points would kill someone by virtue of hydrostatic shock if you shot them in the ass. Seriously. And this guy was a gun owner and shooter.

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