That desperate need to lie….

So via Brady Campaign, We get this interesting title by ThinkProgress (which nether, nor):

brady open carry book 1

So the book is for kids to understand why their parents Open Carry, but neitherTHINKnorProgress chooses to make it look as if we were teaching kids to Open Carry by their lonesome.

The article just describes the book and then goes to babble about “guns are bad, M’kay,” LaPierre is Bad, M’kay,” & “more gun = more crime, M’kay.” If anybody with a dozen spare neurons seeks to find where does the book say for Kids to Open Carry, he/she would be wasting time…and probably because I doubt they could find that information in the book. But neitherTHINKnorProgress readers will bother to figure that out and will just have enough with repeating the tittle.

If you cause is righteous, why lie?
Yours Truly

2 Replies to “That desperate need to lie….”

  1. I am immediately reminded of the comic book PETA put out a few years back that taught kids to be terrified of their parents if dad went fishing or mom wore fur. The comic went so far as to tell kids that their parents were animal murders and kids should keep their pets away from mom and dad.

    There is something deeply sinister and evil about a organization that tries to turn children against their parents. You brought up the Holocaust and the 2A a week ago.

    This is (not going Godwin – this is legit) straight out of the NAZI/KGB playbook of “turn in your neighbor” encouraging children to rat out subversive parents.

    I swear, these people read 1984 as a how to guide.

  2. “If you cause is righteous, why lie?”

    This is why I think every single gun-grabber has ulterior motives — they claim they’re all about “safety”, but other lies just slip from their tongues like water from a faucet. It’s obvious they’re also lying about their intentions.

    (NB: their claimed concern for “safety” is an obvious lie, given their opposition to programs like Eddie Eagle.)

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