Missouri may need Anti-Rabies shots.

…because Gun Control people are foaming at the mouth after voters overwhelmingly went for strict scrutiny of the Second Amendment.

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And not surprisingly, the followers or Reverend Ladd Everitt proceeded to go for every prejudiced expression against the South, Southerners and gun owners in the book.

Mike Cohen Fuck the south.

John Purser Ah the red states. Where guns have rights and pregnant women don’t.

Walter Jaworski And more will die Thanks to the NRA.

Leslie Parsley Fuck everyone who wants to fuck the South. You are just as ignorant.

Audrey Ohlson Smith Have they reinstated duels also?

Bob Niemi Mississippi is the poorest and least educated state in the union and their worrying about bolstering gun rights?!
(This guy can’t tell the difference between states, it is all flyover country)

Jude Sommerjones Yeah, over 50% of us are ignoramuses!

Barry R. Bertram I live in missouri and have never felt more hopeless or afraid. There is nothing more threatening than the thought of uneducated, heavily armed, bubbas wondering around just itching to blow someone away.

Pretty much every other Gun Control group has nothing to comment about Missouri.  But I think the comments from the Laddites is a good indicator how much they are hurting, specially since they cannot complain that “The NRA bought legislators” but was an election in which 60% voted in favor and that is not something to sneeze at.  But the sheer hate and prejudice coming out of those who claim themselves to be “Our Betters” is impressive. With this crowd, taking up torches and pitchforks, and going after something or somebody is not stretching the imagination too much.


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  1. Funny thing was, the groups opposed to this had two arguments. First, it’s unnecessary because it’s just a restatement of the US 2nd amendment. Second, it’s gonna cause a lot of trouble with our anti-gun legislation.

    Think about that for a moment. If it’s the same as an existing amendment, how could it cause additional problems?

    1. It reminds me of this exchange from the movie, “Liar, Liar”:

      Fletcher: Your honor, I object!
      Judge Stevens: And why is that, Mr. Reede?
      Fletcher: It’s devastating to my case!
      Judge Stevens: Overruled.

      They just can’t handle that a majority of people support 2A as is, and support strict scrutiny for gun laws, which disproves their dogmatic and oft-stated belief that “90% of Americans support stricter gun laws.”

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