CSGV with cash flow problems? And we are Eeeevil!

CSGV fundraiser

They are trying to sell T-Shirts to get some funds to either keep going or somebody needs a little vacation:

CSGV fundraiser 2

The funny part is that they are not setting their goals too high, only 250 shirts as (I imagine) initial run. Does that mean the thousands upon thousands of “followers” they keep saying they have do not exist or that they are too stingy?

CSGV fundraiser 3


And the message is just too predictable and too moronic to even take it seriously:

In order to pass life-saving gun reforms at the federal and state level, we must break the stranglehold that the National Rifle Association has over our legislatures. CSGV has led the way in this effort by systematically exposing the extremism and malfeasance of NRA leaders who regularly promote racism, misogyny, homophobia, anti-immigrant animus, religious bigotry, anti-environmentalism, and insurrectionism. Put simply, they are not fit for polite company.

Holy shit! We are officially guilty of creating Global Warming too? I need to check y shoe size again to see what kind of carbon footprint I leave from by clubbed baby seal boots.

8 Replies to “CSGV with cash flow problems? And we are Eeeevil!”

  1. CSGV Limited Edition “Not One More” Tee.

    CSGV, the joke that keeps on giving. The hilarity of their sluggish shirt sales is slightly overshadowed by the fact they failed to put their logo, name or web site on the shirt.

  2. The NRA did “promote racism,” by arming and training sharecroppers to defend against the Klan. The KKK were all of one race…

    The NRA did “promote misogyny,” by only letting Sandy Froman be one of our most effective presidents in living memory by electing her with a simple majority instead of top-down orders from a billionaire…

    The NRA does “promote homophobia,” since so many of its members are also backers of Pink Pistols. Gays with guns are legitimately scary (to gay bashers).

    The NRA does “promote anti-immigrant animus,” with every 1911 vs. Glock debate. Clearly, we hate Austrians.

    The NRA does “promote religious bigotry,” since so many of us look down at anyone that doesn’t worship John Moses Browning…

    The NRA does “promote anti-environmentalism,” since it’s conservation funds and well managed hunts actually Get Shit Done(tm) unlike all the dirt-worshipping, tree-hugging, navel gazing…

    Lastly, the NRA does promote “insurrectionism” with its constant adulation of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the hero worship of the militia at Lexington and Concord. We should just shut up and be loyal subjects of the crown.

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