Rewriting History or the Beatification of Jim Brady

Our friends at the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence on the death of Jim Brady.

CSGV Jim Brady Beatification

I have to admit I did not see this one coming:

CSGV Jim Brady Beatification 2


Huh? Brady was Press Secretary and not Secret Service.  He took a bullet for being in the wrong place at the wrong time unfortunately.  But it continues:

CSGV Jim Brady Beatification 4

CSGV Jim Brady Beatification 5

They will feed off their own…

9 Replies to “Rewriting History or the Beatification of Jim Brady”

  1. There are two reasons for this ruling. One the liberals want to add another “homicide” to the number of homicides to make it look like we are a violent country. The 2nd is for possible prosecution of the shooter HOWEVER this administration would hesitate to prosecute anyone for shooting a white man especially a Republican.

    1. They already prosecuted him. He got a directed verdict of NGBRI. What makes anybody think there would be a different outcome if they now try him for whatever flavor of homicide (most likely manslaughter, maybe Murder 2).

      stay safe.

    1. Not exactly correct. He was found NGBRI of assault (can’t remember if they also threw attempted murder at him).

      Now they have a new crime. The problem they will face is that they will have to deal with his mental state at the time of the incident – which means another NGBRI verdict. The best they could get is to rescind his 14-days at a time off-site time from St. E’s to visit his family. And since just before the coroner’s report they were thinking of letting him stay out of St.E’s for 30 days that would look just plain mean.

      But then again, nobody ever said they (CSGV) were not mean.

      stay safe.

  2. Sarah tap dancing in the blood of her husband is disgusting but expected. After all that they really can’t ask Bloomberg for a few million dollars to keep the lights on. It’s all politics to them and they will eat their own.

  3. given the progressive mindset…..the man that lent his name to the anti freedom and liberty mob….has been murdered 30 years later……because his doctors are guilty of malpractice or what else they failed to correct ….with his injuries from a non lethal gun-shot….seems to me that they have tried to demonize wrong cause yet again…imho

  4. I still don’t understand the homicide ruling, unless it was 100% purely political. Brady was shot March 30, 1981, over 33 years ago. The man was 73 when he died. A little young by today’s standards, but not outside of the statistical range for “death by old age” (natural causes).

    Also, gotta point out the Reagan hate. That struck me as much as the martyrdom of Brady. 25 years after he left office and 10 years after his death, these scum-bags have to use the death of Brady to insult Reagan. These people are nothing but left wing hate congealed into human form.

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