Your Cognitive Dissonance quote of the month: Moms Demand

Moms Demand Laws dont protect

Because laws don’t work, we need  more. Right, that makes sense.

It makes me think of junkies trying to get a bigger fix of heroin even when they know it will eventually lead to certain death.  The problem is that it is not their asses cashing that check but ours.


3 Replies to “Your Cognitive Dissonance quote of the month: Moms Demand”

  1. So that whole Lautenberg Amendment thing really does not mean what it says? Then maybe MDA will put their support behind repealing it, and thousands of folks caught up in a “crime of domestic violence” and its ever-expanding definition can get their right to own firearms back?

    Not that I ever supported the damned thing, but at the moment it is the law and it is effecting a whole lot of folks.

    stay safe.

  2. Wow, that is a whole new level of stupid, even for them. Typically they like to put a few more words between the contradictions, just to obscure them. Every time I think to myself “this, right here, is the new definition of nuclear grade stupid” they go and show me that I have no idea what I am talking bout. Now all I can do is wonder “how in the hell are they going to top that?” and I go and get my migraine pills. Seems like I am going to need a double dose today. . .

  3. “The problem is that it is not their [the politicians’, I’m assuming?] asses cashing that check but ours.”

    I recently came across this quote: “It’s hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” — Thomas Sowell

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