Moms Demand: What is next? Booze and Hookers?

Caught this one yesterday:

Moms Demand Kid Cigarrette

It keeps striking me a funny and hypocritical that Moms Demand get crazy at the idea of our kids safely shooting under adult supervision nut have no issues having kids holding those evil assault “weapons”  in a public school, now giving a kid a cigarette and pontificate that the kids will imitate adults.

MOms Demand Kid Rifle 1

MOms Demand Kid Rifle 2


At the opening bell of the stock market on Monday, you should buy Irony futures because they may be in high demand by Bloomberg and his Moms.

7 Replies to “Moms Demand: What is next? Booze and Hookers?”

  1. And of course there’s those older ads which beg the question: “Why do we ban Kinder Surprise Eggs and a book that has a picture of a bottle of wine?”

    Because anti-freedom types LOVE living in a cage, and people who are pro-freedom like guns because when some backwards asshole tries to stuff us into their beloved cage we have the power to say no.

    Hence why they want to ban guns!

    They know “Better” and by better I mean “Stupid”.

  2. All thier ads so far “demand”action ..WHAT action? FROM who? Why don’t you ladies JUST ACT……maybe you will actually ACCOMPLISH something………..

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