Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: Dear Negroes, stay unarmed.

I don’t think the Klan would be this forward:

CSGV Dear Negroes

See? If you are black, you must not have a gun or they will send the big bad cop to shoot you.

CSGV has been jonesing badly for mass shooting between cops and  civilians. They are getting so desperate that they are now wishing cops to start unloading in blacks so they can blame it on Insurrectionists everywhere…because you know there are NRA members in hiding even among cops, a fifth column of alleged traitors.

These are sick people… very sick.

One Reply to “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: Dear Negroes, stay unarmed.”

  1. Yet they defended violent, armed AA’s who were ‘defending’ their neighborhood against a peaceful open carry demonstration w/ no history of violence. They’re really flailing around.

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