Man Using ‘Biden Defense’ Gets Gun Charge Dropped.

In July 2013, Jeffery Barton, a Washington State resident, was charged with a misdemeanor for “illegally discharging a firearm.” On July 17, 2013 Barton plead “not guilty” to the charge.

This week, a few days before his jury trial was about to begin, those charges were dropped, it seems thanks in part to Vice President Joe Biden…

…Barton repeatedly told media outlets, “I did what Joe Biden told me to do. I went outside and fired my shotgun in the air.”

via Man Using ‘Biden Defense’ Gets Gun Charge Dropped In Washington State Case | Video |

Sometimes you just wanna sit in a corner and hit the bottle (in my case, soda but you feel free to drink whatever spirit you want).  Wait for the next batch of idiots that are going to pull the same stunt and face jail time.

Hat tip to Robert E.

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