A mop and a bucket is not gonna do it.

blackhawks foam


Authorities are cleaning up at the Oklahoma Army National Guard base in Tulsa after an accidental foam spill enveloped 10 UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters earlier this morning.

Colonel Max Moss, director of media relations for the Oklahoma National Guard, said that the fire suppressant system at the aviation support facility in Tulsa discharged foam into a hanger and out onto the flight line.

Moss said a representative of Simplex Grinnell, the company that maintains the suppressant system, accidentally activated it.

Authorities are working to clean up the foam, which they say is not harmful to humans or the environment. Once the foam has been entirely cleaned up, authorities will determine if the helicopters have been damaged.

Moss said the foam suppressed is similar to foam from dish washing soap.

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6 Replies to “A mop and a bucket is not gonna do it.”

  1. We wanted to simulate what it looks like for ten helicopters to fly into white, fluffy clouds at the same time. It was a success.

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