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  1. Knabenschiessen is every year for 3 days, not every month. In a misleading way, you imply that all kids of Switzerland do this every month or weekend even, which is not the case. I grew up with Knabenschiessen, never touched a gun but enjoyed the fun fair and local specialities like Magenbrot and Gebrannte Mandeln. And BTW UZIs are forbidden here in Switzerland.

    1. My quote:

      if we had the equivalent of Knabenschiessen here every month

      How in the hell did you read I implied that Knabenschiessen happens every month in Switzerland when I even provide a link where it states that happens once a year?
      My command of the English language might not be the best, but apparently you are the only one parsing stuff where none is to be parsed.

  2. Just luv folks soooo busy with the minutiae they just don’t get the principle you’re trying to get across.
    Closest thing we have is, our Dept of Conservation has a skeet shooting team. Those kids are amazing to watch!
    Donna g

  3. Good point. The Cam Zilla sounds a little peeved. Of course there is no way to easily tell if Cam Zilla is actually hoplophobic, but the somewhat defensive, negative tone of the post suggests the possibility. Many people are stridently opposed to gun rights because they feel that they are being abused to the detriment of society. Personally I do not know of much evidence of inordinate danger to society posed by widely pervasive firearms (even automatic ones). Infinitely more innocent people are killed every day by transportation devices than firearms of any kind, yet transportation devices are never criticized with the same energy as firearms. Odd for a supposedly rational species.

  4. I’m with clockworkgremlin. The wording might suggest that it occurs every month.

    One more thing: Uzis aren’t banned in Switzerland. Semi-auto ones can be had with a simple permit/background check just like any semi auto handgun or rifle.

    Full auto ones require a special permit (like suppressors). And to be able to get them to the range and shoot them you need a daily permit for a designated range. And you can’t have a friend shoot it. Full auto guns are hence collector’s items/safe queens more than range gun.

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