About Will Hayden.

Everybody and his mother has talked about it enough so I am just gonna leave this here:

I have privately spoken with Stephanie and a few others close to the situation and have heard more than I ever wanted to know.

The Justice system will deal with Will Hayden but that’s a separate issue from the pain and heartbreak that has been caused.

via A Friend of The Family Responds To Sons Of Guns Arrest – Bearing Arms.

That’ll be all.


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  1. I did not know Will Hayden personally. I am only familiar with him from his show. I don’t know how much of what we saw there was Will being Will or Will playing up for reality TV. What I do know is that the Will Hayden of Sons of Guns was a complete and utter embarrassment for the gun owning community. Everything about what he did was as unprofessional as could be (including the commission of enough legal oversights to lose his FFL). Sons of Guns was either a train wreck for non-gun owners to gawk at – Jerry Springer guests with guns; or fodder for white trash mall ninjas.

    As a man who believes in justice, I never want an innocent man to suffer in prison for a crime he did not commit. Moreover, I recognize the “social stink” that comes with being labeled a pedophile, and earnestly believe that no man should ever have to face false accusations of rape or child molestation. If these allegations prove to be true, and I trust in our justice system to prove or disprove them, than he deserves to rot in prison forever.

    That said, I think among the gun community there is an overwhelming feeling of schadenfreude for watching such an asshole suffer such a fall and public shaming. And if the allegations are true, the rate at which Will Hayden and anything associated with him will be rejected by the gun community will be astounding. If there is anything the gun community cannot stand, it is a high profile criminal in our midsts that can be used against us by the antis. I wouldn’t be surprised if people start grinding the RJF logo off the guns that they own.

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