“Get a warrant.”

There is always a couple of dumb cops that think the badge makes them kings.

Kudos to the gentleman for exercising his rights in a polite but firm manner.

And when they say/ask “Do you have anything to hide? Why don’t you cooperate” reply with “No, I have nothing to hide so you do not need to search.” (OK, that is not legal advice but just me being a smart-ass.

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  1. the Citizen required the police to display 3 forms of ID to verify they were indeed cops. Not sure how “valid” that request/demand is but given the number of times Bad People have dressed up as cops it’s not a bad thing.

    I need to find that app that uploads to youtube in realtime.

      1. Ok, note to self: Do not try to type a coherent message on your ipad before either foot has been on the ground.

        What I meant to say above is that, while I assume that you were being hyperbolic, it might be good to note that there are circumstances were the police do not need a warrant to enter your your house. Also, based on the circumstance and the state, there are situations in which you can be arrested for not producing ID upon the request of a police officer (know your state’s laws). Lastly, this 3 ID’s thing is not real, so please don’t end up in jail, ranting about how no one has shown you three types of ID 😉

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