Crist reaffirms support for gun control

Crist is also asked about gun issues. “I think we need to enforce the 2nd Amendment. I support it,” Crist said. But he said he supports more background check and smaller magazines. When it comes to an assault weapons ban, Crist looks annoyed and politely shuts down the questions.

via Crist reaffirms support for gun control | Tampa Bay Times.

He wants to “enforce” ?  But supports UBC and limited capacity in magazines. Huh? And even he is not that stupid to take a position on Evil Black Rifles.

Think White Obama with this guy.

Hat Tip to Florida Carry.

7 Replies to “Crist reaffirms support for gun control”

  1. I’m with him — we should enforce the 2nd Amendment! Start by throwing every politician who talks about “reasonable restrictions” into prison for a “reasonable” amount of time, on grounds of treason.

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